What information does the "Your Team" tab contain?

One of the key sections in the Manager Portal is the "Your Team" section. This is where a Role can see which Processes it has been assigned to and their current status.

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In the "Your Team" section, Role will find the following information:

  • the name of the Employee to whom the Process was assigned
  • the number of days remaining in the Employee Process
  • the number of days remaining before the Employee starts work (1st day)
  • the number of Actions (performed / to be performed) by the Employee

The progress bar in the "Your Team" section changes color according to the condition of the Process in question. If the Employee has not completed the mandatory tasks within the set time, then the progress bar turns red.

Otherwise (when everything is implemented on time) it remains green.

⚠️ Similar to the Progress bar in the Employee Portal  the information displayed in the "Your Team" section pertains to the assigned Employee (number of his/her Actions, dates, etc.) and is cumulative if the Employee participates in multiple Processes simultaneously.

After clicking on a given employee and selecting the "Notifications" tab, the Role can verify the list of completed tasks and training of a given Employee.