How can Role check the status of individual Actions in Employee Processes?

Use the "Actions" report. This is a very detailed document that allows you to take a close look at the smallest bricks of the Processes, that is, the Actions.

Go to your Portal, go to the "Your Team" section and click on "Actions". The Portal will generate and download to your computer an .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) file with a list of all the Actions in the Processes in which you participate. I'll tell you how to analyze the data from the document in a moment.

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In the same place you can also download the Processes report. Just click on the "Processes" button.

⚠️ Both reports apply only to Processes to which you are assigned as a manager or other Role.

⚠️ Hasn't the file download process started? Check if your browser is blocking downloads (you may then see a message like the one below).


Report downloaded? Now let's take a look at its contents 🤓

In the document you will find the following data about the Action:

  • Scheduled date - the scheduled date of delivery of the Action in the Process (when it gets delivered)
  • Delivered date - the date of the delivered Action in the Process (when it was delivered)
  • Completed date - date of completed Action in the Process (when it was performed)
  • Status - status of the Action: scheduled, delivered, completed
  • Action name - the name of the Action in the Process
  • Action type - the type of Action in the Process (e.g., task, email).
  • Action owner - who (name) is assigned to the Action in the Process (who is supposed to perform it)
  • Owner roles - what Role in the Process is played by the person assigned to the Action (e.g. employee, manager, buddy).
  • Employee Process - for whom (first and last name) the Process Action is performed (e.g., Jan Kowalski can perform the Role of manager and perform the Action for the onboarding Process of Pawel Nowak, who is an employee)
  • Workflow (name) - the name of the Workflow from which the Action comes.
  • Workflow (category) - the category of Workflow from which the Action comes (e.g. Onboarding, Pre-onboarding, Offboarding, New Role).
  • Process ID - the unique number of the Process in the Application.

How to read the data from the report💡?

The report contains a lot of interesting data on how each Action a Process is received and implemented.

You will check in it:

  • which Actions have been delivered but not yet executed (this may mean that the Action is too difficult or uninteresting for the recipient),
  • who is assigned to a particular Action in the Process,

Psst... You can generate the same report in the Administration Panel for a particular Process - we wrote about it here.


Filter Processes and Actions reports

Both reports, the one from Actions and the one from Processes, will be narrowed down if you select a specific employee in the drop-down list. Then the excel will generate only for him/her and his/her Process.

Zrzut ekranu 2024-01-31 o 23.46.00Note that using the filters also narrows down the list of your tasks, available on the left side - when you select a specific employee, only those tasks you have to perform in connection with his/her Process will remain on the dashboard.